Josh is developing a series of woodcuts. He begins each woodcut by carving the smoothed end-grain of a block of Montana elm wood. Then he mixes a paint slurry and rolls it onto the wood block. Finally, he presses the print paper onto the block and carefully removes it. For each print Josh also builds a unique wood frame to complement the print’s style and movement.

Below is a list of Montana’s threatened or endangered wildlife species. The highlighted species are represented here in woodcut prints; the remaining species will be presented periodically throughout the coming year.

Whooping Crane
Black-footed ferret
Least tern
Pallid sturgeon
White sturgeon
Grizzly bear
Piping plover
Water Howellia
Ute ladies’-tresses
Bull trout
Canada lynx
Spalding’s campion
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Greater sage-grouse
Sprague’s pipit
Arctic grayling
Meltwater lednian stonefly
Whitebark pine